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Lawyer Joke


Two lawyers had been stranded on a desert island for several months. The only thing on the island was a tall coconut tree that provided them their only food. Each day one of the lawyers would climb to the top to see if he could spot a rescue boat coming.

One day the lawyer yelled down from the tree, "WOW, I just can't believe my eyes. There is a woman out there floating in our direction."

The lawyer on the ground was most skeptical and said, "You're hallucinating; you've finally lost your mind." But within a few minutes, up to the beach floated a stunning redhead, face up, totally naked, unconscious, without even so much as a ring or earrings on her person.

The two lawyers went down to the water, dragged her up on the beach and discovered, yes, she was alive, warm and breathing.

One said to the other, "You know, we've been on this God forsaken island for months now without a woman. It's been such a long, long time. So, you think we should, ...well, know,...screw her?"

"Out of WHAT?" asked the other
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LMAO!! Brilliant!
I work for the scumbags and one that is my friend, sent me that.
hahaha...I work for true....lmao
yup, same here……..I had to post it!
HAHAHA!!! Great! :)
thanks, gotta give the lawyer who sent it to me credit though!